CNC: Computer Numerical Control - These are the machines that cut detailed metal pieces perfectly whether by cutting bits, water, or lasers.

We started on the fuselage, because it has many parts to work on without need of missing hardware. The one we started with was a doozy. It was cut from 2.5” x 2.5” angle aluminum. We had the plans showing what the piece should look like, but no guidance on how to make it look that way. We started slow, making easy straight cuts. Then decided to make a traced template and draw it on the metal. All good. Time to go hiking.

Back from the hike, we look at the traced shap and realize there’s no way we can make those round cuts with the band saw. So we measured the radii and drilled some holes. After some creative cutting on the band saw, we had what you see below. Our four hours rivals a few minutes on a CNC machine. :(

Half Finished Part