Any passer-by who looked at the floor and/or workbench of the shop today would think we were in the business of torturing and butchering extruded aluminum, if there was such a business. Shavings, dust, and twizzles of aluminum all over the place. We toyed with the idea if burning it all, but it all ended up in the trash bin.

We finished the part were started on yesterday, as well as it’s left handed twin. After filing and polishing I think they turned out really nice.

I had to take my parents to the airport mid day. It was so sad to see them go. When I got back I was working alone once again and knocked out the piece in the second picture.

I could tell you the real names of these pieces but it’s not really important at this point, or maybe I can’t remember what their called. You pick. But they’re all necessary, so we build them.

Mirrored Parts Another Part