Skins are all drilled. The tricky part here was getting the ribs lined up and centered on the holes that needed drilling. In many cases it was impossible to reach around the skins to adjust the rib positions. That’s especially true when on my back under the wing. Angelique was kind enough to help me for part of it.

Skins Drilled

Much work still remains on the wings. Need to:

  • Install tie downs eye-bolts
  • Pitot boom… Oh, I decided not to use the cheap pitot-static boom provided by Sonex and purchased the Dynon system which also provided angle of attack.
  • OAT - Outside Air Temperature sensor
  • Install fiberglass wing tips
  • Debur all holes (eek!)
  • Scrub and clean the skins
  • Dimple the front holes to promote laminar flow
  • Install flaps and aileron control rods
  • Install access hole covers
  • Rivet!