On one of the rear bulkheads, pulleys are used to lead cables to the rudder. These are detailed in the control assebly part of the plans. They note that access to the pulleys is easier while the fuselage is being assembled, so I looked it up. Although only two pulleys are required on this bulkhead, the plans called for four pulleys all day. Each pulley is built with two brackets. So that’s eight brackets that I needed to build from angle extrusion.

This was laborious…. and repetitive. I tried to streamline to process but I rushed and had to throw away three brackets. Frustreated, I took a nice lunch break which calmed me down and I returned to calmly finish the pulleys. After riveting some bulkheads, this part of the the fuselage is mostly done. I’ve left some holes unriveted so I can disassemble if needed.

Raw Pulley Brackets Pulley Brackets Pulleys Riveted Bulkheads