Working on the rear tail spar, I came to the point where I need some bolts, aviation grade bolts, but I couldn’t find them anywhere in the kit supplies. Called Sonex. Finally figured out the the aviation hardware comes in a seperate kit from a third party. We found the kit on WB Part’s website: $1,200.00! Sonex ordered the parts for me. What can I do? I researched, and found on their website, that the hardwhare is supposed to be included.

I called Sonex back. The lady told me they started including the hardware in the kit a week after I made the purchase, for the same price. WTF!?!? I protested. After she talked to Mark, I’m told that the hard was included in the price I paid and they had put the order in with WBParts already.

My interactions with Sonex give the impression that they are a bit unorganized, small company though they may be. Perhaps a bit understaffed.

I had a good talk with Kerry, Sonex’s tech support guy though. He was very knowledgeable, and gave me some good tips in addition to verifying that I was following correct procedure.

Without hardware, I’m once again stuck. I suppose I could start another part, but I don’t want to create lots of loose ends.

In the afternoon, the ignition parts arrived. Perhaps I’ll continue on the engine tomorrow.

Rear Tail Spar