Wondering why my missing parts were taking so long to arrive, I checked the tracking numbers on UPS and saw that two packages had been delivered to my porch in the last couple days. But there was nothing on my porch. Looking closer I saw that they had been delivered to my billing address in Illinois, whereas my shipping address, where I now live, is in Arizona now. Who knows how the addresses got swapped. But to remedy the situtaion Sonex had to re-route some pending deliveries and my dad was kind enough to ship the stuff in Illinois to Arizona. Sonex picked up the bill for the shipping. But this mean it’ll be another week before I get the plans.

Wrong Address

I asked about digital plans, thinking I could get started on the build if I had a PDF of plans, but Sonex told me they do not distribute electronic copies of their plans. No surprise since they wouldn’t share electronic versions of their engine assembly DVD either. I can only assume they’re scared of theft or piracy of their intellectual property. As a fan of open source software philosophy, I believe their approach is a bit paranoid and stifling.

Hopefully the flywheel arrives Monday so I can continue with the engine.