Mesa Verde Family Pic


Hey There! I'm Micah Martin. This is my website. That's my family there in that picture.

What you'll find here is links to... well... stuff I've done. Enjoy!

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Blogs and Sites

  • eflight Blog - Blog my adventures in developing electric airplanes.
  • OneX Blog - Documents the construction of my OneX kit plane
  • 8th Light Blog - My blog entries while at 8th Light, Inc.
  • mmhttp - JavaDoc for a simple HTTP server written in Java
  • Statemachine - Documentation for my Ruby Statemachine Gem
  • Sparring - Ruby Sparring results and documentation from a while back
  • Limelight - Limelight RDoc … long deprecated. I should probably delete it.


Airworthy,, has a meandering history, and a promising future.

Clean Coders,, is a partnership between my father and me where we make and sell educational software videos, with personality.

8th Light,, is a software development contracting company with focus on craftsmanship and apprenticeship. As of Jan 2016 I'm no longer with 8th Light.