The engine is pretty well tuned at this point. All the squawks have been addressed and were not necessarily what I suspected.


Swapping the RPM sensor lead to the other side of the Voltage regulator did the trick.

Alternator Output

I wired up some extentions to the alternator and voltage regulator leads so I could measure with a voltmeter while I sat in the cockpit. All signals are good. Alternator is generating high voltage and the regulator is regulating. I found that output is not great at the low RPMs at which I was initially running the engine. When I got above 2,000 RPM, the alternator output was much more reasonable.


The ignition timing needed adjusting. Once I centered it, the engine ran MUCH smoother. Currently I get about a 60-70 RPM drop when I turn off the magnetos and/or ignition. Fine tuning is needed, but I may need to get in the air to figure out whether I need to retard or advance the timing. Or maybe my mechanic will be able to tell on the ground.

Unsteady RPMs

This, I found, was a result of vibrations moving the throttle. Tightening the friction solved the problem.

Oil Leaks

Finding the exact source of the leaks was not easy. I tightened and resealed many parts before I found the actual source. No more oil seeps out of the engine now.

Wing Ribs

Work on the wings resumes. I attached the inboard wing ribs to the spar. Am working on the wing fold ribs which are quite involved. I had started these months ago but put them on hold. Now I have a much clearer idea of how they fit in.

Wing Root Ribs