With the canopy roughly cut to size, I decided my best stratefy would be to cleco it to the frame. This was a commitment because I couldn’t move the holes I had to drill. Even though I couldn’t figure out if the canopy was the right size or shape, I figured it couldn’t be more than 1/4” off at this point.

After spending tons of time sanding with little effect, I discovered that I could use the oscillating saw to shave off millimeters of material at a time. Perfect! That allowed me to cut the hinge side to fit. With one side hinged, the “cut, try it on, cut” process became much quicker. Not that it was easy. It still took about ten more hours to get it in good shape. But at least I didn’t have to take it off and prop it up on a saw horse for every cut.

Tomorrow I’ll tidy up all the parts, install all the screws, and be thankful that part of the build is over.

Canopy All Cut