Tristan comes into my shop with a Lego he just built.
Tristan: “Isn’t this a cool Lego Dad?” Me: “Yeah, it is! It looks like a plane with a big gatling gun on the front.” Tristan: “Yeah. I want you to have it to help you build your plane. If you get stuck, just look at this Lego.” How cool is that? So I hung up the Lego to make it look like it was really flying. Tristan was very proud to see his Lego up in the air.

The whole process: cleco, drill, file, debur, clean, cleco, rivet - is becoming routine. I’ve been able to knock a few parts out the last couple days. And I can see how it’ll speed up with more practice. At the same time, I enjoy the craftsmanship asspect of the work and I like to make every piece perfect. This means a lot of time with Scotch-Brite pads, finely finishing the surface of the aluminum. It looks really sharp when attention is given to the grains of the scrubbing.

You’ll also see some tail control surface skins cut. The two smaller ones had were tough cuts. They were angled in all three dimensions which I couldn’t use any flat surface to guide the cut. I made do, cutting a bit wider than necessary and filing the cuts down to size.

Lego Plane Bending Tail Rib Cont rol Surface Skins