Still no planes for construction. So I’ve begun the engine assembly.

First step, wash the engine casing. Debris is left in the casing due to final machining. Washed it out with soapy water and compressed air.

Second, prepare to paint the casing. Cool. I get to make the engine look good too. I wouldn’t have thought of painting the engine, but that’s what the instructions suggest. Come to think of it, the engine in my pipers were painted blue and you could tell how old an engine was by how chipped and faded the blue color was. Sonex recommends a black grill paint which I think will look good with the all the chrome and fire engine red parts they make.

There are several points on the casing where other parts will be sealed so we need to mask them off so they don’t get painted. And while we’re at it, the cylinders will get a coat of paint too. We just need to mask off the cylinder openings.

Masked Casing and Cylinders Wash Bin