The OneX is a “tail dragger”. Most GA airplanes these days have a tricycle gear configuration where there’s a wheel under the nosea along with gears on each wing. Tail dragers have the third wheel on the tail instead of the nose. It’s old-school. And the FAA says pilots need and endorsement to fly tail draggers. Since this OneX I’m building is a single seater, I’ll have to get my endorsement in a different plane. So I took my first lesson toward that endeavor this morning with Chandler Air Service in a Super Cub.

Afterward, I called Sonex and they informed me that the instructions (plans), were on backorder and I’d receive them soon. They also recommended that in the meantime I take inventory of all the parts I received. So that’s what I ended up doing all day. Roughly 500 individually tagged items… at least mostly tagged. I had to do some googling and guessing to match up the parts with the packing list. There were a few descrepencies that I sent to Sonex.

In hindsight, taking inventory was super helpful. I have a much better feel for what parts there are and where I put them!

Garage full of boxes