The Sonex Onex

Why write this blog?

1) The FAA

To qualify for an amateur-build certificate, the Federal Aviation Administration requires that the “major portion” (>= 51%) of tasks required to build the airplane are complated by amateurs (me). More details

2) Be a Better Pilot

In training to become a pilot, one must learn a good deal about how planes work. But, the inner workings of airplanes is a recurring theme encountered by pilots. Whether it be regular maintenance, or mechanical problems. I feel the need for more depth. What better way then to learn about how planes work than to build one.

3) Build a Better Plane

I see a ton of potential in the aviation industry, particularly GA (general aviation). I also see a lot of weight dragging it down. Cost of operation is perhaps the biggest ball and chain holding GA back. Solution: electric planes. Far fetched probably, but the fisrt step is learning how planes are made.