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Packages that use ResponseSender

Uses of ResponseSender in mmhttp.protocol

Methods in mmhttp.protocol with parameters of type ResponseSender
 void ChunkedResponse.readyToSend(ResponseSender sender)
          Begins the transfer of the HTTP response.
 void InputStreamResponse.readyToSend(ResponseSender sender)
          This initiated the transmition of data.
abstract  void Response.readyToSend(ResponseSender sender)
          To be called when response has been prepared and is ready to go out the door.
 void SimpleResponse.readyToSend(ResponseSender sender)
          Converts the response into HTTP compliant bytes and sends them through the ResponseSender.

Uses of ResponseSender in mmhttp.server

Classes in mmhttp.server that implement ResponseSender
 class Expediter
          This class fills a role in the restaurant metaphore.

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