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Packages that use Response

Uses of Response in mmhttp.protocol

Subclasses of Response in mmhttp.protocol
 class ChunkedResponse
          This a special type of Response that supports HTTP 1.1 Chunking.
 class InputStreamResponse
          A derivative of Response that is ideal for large data sets.
 class SimpleResponse
          The most basic implementation of Response.

Uses of Response in mmhttp.server

Methods in mmhttp.server that return Response
 Response Expediter.createGoodResponse(Request request)
          Creates the correct response object based on the request and authentication settings.
 Response ErrorResponder.makeResponse(Server server, Request request)
 Response NotFoundResponder.makeResponse(Server server, Request request)
 Response Responder.makeResponse(Server server, Request request)
 Response UnauthorizedResponder.makeResponse(Server server, Request request)

Methods in mmhttp.server with parameters of type Response
 void Expediter.log( s, Request request, Response response)
          Constructs the LogData and sends it to the Server's Logger for logging.
static LogData Expediter.makeLogData( socket, Request request, Response response)
          Constructs a LogData object representing the loggable data of this request.

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