Hangman Tournament

- The results are in. Each player ran through a series of 100 games, each with a different word. A dictionary of 50,000 words was used where each words was between 5 and 13 letters long. 100 words were randomly selected from the dictionary to be used in the games. Each player played with the same dictionary and the same 100 words.

- The scores for the games where recorded as were the processing times. The secondary title, Tournament Champion, was awarded to the player who won the most games in the shortest amount of time.

- Then a series of metrics were gathers on the players' code base. The goal here was to ascertain the code quality of the solutions. The primary title, Tournament Master, was awarded to the player who not only played well but also scored highest on the code metrics.

Hangman Participants

PlayerAuthor PlayerAuthor
AustinAustin Schneider beethovenKevin Baribeau
better_letterChris Sepic better-than-schlickAnonymous
dangling ribsRib Rdb deadprogramAnonymous
Death MasterAnonymous dittoEhsanul Hoque
Ditto AssumptuousEhsanul Hoque EctodusMartin Larsson
** FollowTheDataAnonymous guess_master_flashPaul Damer
hangfuKevin Chan haruspexdenny abraham
Hulk HoganGiovanni Intini interferomanAlf Mikula
kerrybKerry Buckley minimizes_partitionJoseph Leddy
more accurateJoseph Leddy most_partsAnonymous
neck_of_steelAnonymous retr0hJohn Dewey Jr
Speling ExpirtColin Jones ssoroka hangman player 1Steven Soroka
theTRONtheTRON trazbotAnonymous
ukulele_boyJosh Cronemeyer warsqlAnonymous
White HorsemanDoug Bradbury xzhangxzhang

Tournament Master

Tournament Master


by Kerry Buckley
Alalysis Results

All alalysis scores are on a scale of 0 to 100. The 6 analysis scores were averaged with the following formula to calculate the overall score. (play * 3 + time + coverage * 2 + simplicity + flog + saikuro + flay) / 10

Tournament Champion

Tournament Master

Speling Expirt

by Colin Jones
Champion Results

The 3-way tie for first play was broken based on time.

** - Due to technical difficulties, FollowTheData's final solution was not received until after completion of the tournament. Final scores for FollowTheData are...
Overall: 99, Play: 98, Time: 96, Simplicity: 100, Coverage: 100, Flog: 100, Saikuro: 100, Flay: 100
These scores place FollowTheData in 3rd place for Master and 5th place for Champion.