Battleship Tournament

The results are in. Each player was pitted againt each other player in a first-to-21-wins match. The Champion of the tournament is the player that won the most matches. However, the even more coveted Master of the tournemnt is the player that has the best all-round code quality. A combination of 6 analysis tests were applied to each player to calculate the all-round score.

Battleship Participants

Plyer Name Author
l2p Anonymous
joshua_son_of_nun Steve Iannopollo
Rear Admiral Rand (just for fun) Micah Martin
interferoman Alf Mikula
Cobra Anonymous
Sonic Death Monkey Anonymous
Commodore Cox Andrew Cox
White Horseman Doug Bradbury
ssoroka takes the win Steven Soroka
Ensign Erratic Jim Suchy
USS Monte Carlo Joshua Ballanco
alpha Paul W Pagel

Tournament Master

Tournament Master

Ensign Erratic

by Jim Suchy
Alalysis Results

All alalysis scores are on a scale of 0 to 100. The 6 alalysis scores were averaged evenly to calculate the overall score.

Tournament Champion

Tournament Master

White Horseman

by Doug Bradbury
Match Results

Green: The player to the left won the match
Red: The player to the left lost the match