Class Limelight::Commands::CreateCommand
In: lib/limelight/commands/create_command.rb
Parent: Command

See the following usages summary

 Usage: limelight create [options] <production|scene> <path>
     Creates the directories and files for a production and/or scene.
     -h, --help                       Prints this usage summary.
     -s, --scene=<name>               Name of scene when creating a production.  Defaults to 'default_scene'.
     -p, --production_path=<path>     Path of production to contain scene.  Defaults to '.'.
     -S, --spec_path=<path>           Path to spec directory, relative to <production_path>.  Defaults to 'spec'.

Assume you wanted to create a new production named "love_story" containing two scenes, "midnight_romance" and "happily_ever_after". The following commands would created all the needed files.

  $ jruby -S limelight create -s midnight_romance production love_story
  $ jruby -S limelight create -p love_story scene happily_ever_after